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Article: What does the term "slowdesign" mean, which we follow?

Čo znamená pojem "slowdesign", ktorým sa riadime?

What does the term "slowdesign" mean, which we follow?

The term "slowdesign" itself is often associated with the concept of "slow living", which focuses on slowing down the pace and returning to traditional values. In this context, slow design means the design and production of products with an emphasis on quality, uniqueness and durability. Unlike fast fashion, which focuses on fast production processes and low costs, slow design emphasizes the quality of materials and workmanship while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Slow design often uses traditional techniques and crafts that are passed down from generation to generation. Taking customer needs and preferences into account is also an important aspect. Slowdesign can be applied to various types of products - clothing, jewelry, furniture, ceramics and others.

Although the term "slowdesign" has only become popular in recent years, the concept of quality and durability has also been important to many traditional brands and craftsmen in the past. Slowdesign can be considered a way of returning to these values ​​and to a more sustainable way of production and consumption.

Nowadays, when we often encounter excessive production and consumption, slow design can be one of the solutions for a more sustainable future. Emphasis on quality and durability can not only increase customer satisfaction, but also minimize negative impacts on the environment.

Homba is a slow design brand, it has traditional values ​​at its heart, it is interested in the impact on the environment and is guided by values ​​such as ethics, ecology and zero waste. The products are made from natural materials that will last for many years, and you can rent, sell, or keep the product for the next generation.

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