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How was the homba® brand created?

"Homba" was our little Mišek's first word. From birth, he slept daily in a hanging cradle and loved it. Both of our babies enjoyed the hanging cradle and liked to sleep in it so much that it gave birth to the idea of ​​creating our own homba baby cradle, which would fulfill everything that has proven itself for us with children.
    The heart of the homba brand ® is rocking - so natural even before birth, when we were rocking in our mother's belly for 9 months, and this pleasant feeling remains in us and persists after birth and throughout our lives. When we swing - it's a return to childhood, carefreeness, well-being, relaxation and joy.
    Homba is playful, cheerful, innocent like rocking.
    Swinging is a joy.
    Your HOMBA