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homba® zen mini hanging chair cotton beige (2-10 years)

homba® zen mini hanging chair cotton beige (2-10 years)

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homba® zen mini hanging chair made of cotton is a beautiful and timeless piece of design that fits into the interior of your home, on the terrace, balcony and garden. homba® zen mini the hanging chair is suitable for children from 2 to 10 years old. which can have a pleasant rest in it. It is ideal for daytime sleep and relaxation during the day. Its rocking will help relieve stress and bring peace, joy and relaxation to the baby.

Research shows that just a few minutes a day spent swinging significantly reduces stress and brings joy and well-being not only to children, but also to adults. Therefore, the homba® zen mini hanging chair is an ideal combination of design and functional element for your home and garden.

This high-quality hand-stitched hanging chair is made of 100% cotton and has an internal ergonomic soft upholstery in the middle of the seat. Its strength and durability is ensured by high-quality solid beech wood, which we have carefully processed and oiled. Each armchair is created with love and pride in Slovakia, while we adhere to ethical standards for the production of both wooden and cotton parts of the armchair.

In the package you will find:

  • homba® zen mini hanging chair cotton (made of 100% cotton)
  • Rope with a length of 2x3m in white design
  • Solid beech wood in size 70x2.5cm
  • Two pieces of solid beech wood in size 2x50x2.5cm
  • 10cm carabiner
  • Manual
  • Fabric natural bag for practical wrapping of the armchair

The Homba® zen hanging chair is a great companion for moments of relaxation, well-being and peace. Its high-quality materials, solid construction and design will provide you with maximum comfort and an aesthetic experience.

Be a part of this unique experience with us and discover the beauty of swinging with the homba® zen mini hanging chair.

Joy. Swing. Relax. h omba®

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