• This should be given out for free in maternity hospitals...

    The best thing for falling asleep ever ❤️😀We have several swings at home, but none of them work as well as your swing bag ❤️ and it still looks so beautiful in the room! We will definitely recommend it to all our friends who are expecting now..

  • The swing is beautiful and of high quality

    Thank you, the swing is beautiful, the workmanship and material are very high quality....we highly recommend it.

  • Tool of the year

    If there was a Baby Helper of the Year contest, I would definitely nominate your Homba and it would win 10 oscars 😀 our Zuzanka protested for a while, but when I rocked her really hard and found out that she could sleep in it, she was hard in 3 minutes. And it's also so beautiful!

  • She was there right away.

    Amazing great swing. It complements the interior beautifully, the baby is happy in it. We can only recommend. She was there right away.

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